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Podcast, Romance, Bikes??!

Things that happened today!

Summer Plans (Au Pair Again?)

I may or may not be au pairing again. I’ve been attempting to coordinate Skype dates with potential families in potential countries. I need to have a plan. It’s hard to plan when I am tempted to run away from everything. My top choices are Spain, France, Italy, England, Finland, and Denmark.

The Arts

In the back of my head is Doodle Inc. and getting the band back together before budgets run out in June. Which apparently is a long while away, but it’s all I can think about. It’s pretty much burning a hole through my brain.

Doodle Inc. is the after school arts program, funded by the YMCA, that got me into comics and Comic Con, through increased exposure with teacher/mentor Greg Hatcher at Madison Middle School and the annual Emerald City Comic Con field trip. The Y is cutting funding on its arts programs, a move that will affect the entire city of Seattle. AKA no more classes for young cartoonists which pains me on so many levels.

Camp NanoWrimo starts soon. I want to do it (I think)


I’ve been thinking about who I’ll fuck this weekend.

My current candidates:

Robin. 23. Self-summary: This app probably isn’t worth using.

Jon. 23. Self-summary: Foodie, cat daddy, 6’1, car enthusiast, Virgo, aerospace machinist. My passions are spoiling my cat, laughing till my sides hurt, and spontaneous adventures.

Nathan. 28. Self-summary: I’m born and raised in the Northwest and went to college in loveable Bellingham. I spent the next two years trying to stockpile vitamin D in the Orange County, CA area. I have since returned and now that I’m back am working in downtown Seattle for a company that primarily does work for Microsoft!

Snapchat News

In entertainment, Rachel V**** got watered down tequila at boyfriend Merle’s house and wasn’t thrilled – see picture.

In family, Rebecca G****, blinded a stuffed animal. I don’t really know how that works. She hasn’t replied yet.

In public safety, Levi W**** saw Lime Bike post and text-snapped your interviewer to ask: “do you wear a helmet?”

Special Guest Jarod from Comic Con also saw Lime Bike post and said: “nice bike! You excited to see that movie?”

To which I replied: “the lime bike movie?”

Jarod: “the lime bike specifically. Looked like a good bike, lol.”

To which I replied: “quality over quantity.”

Jarod: “exactly.”

And then my phone proceeded to make strange buzzing sounds. I need a new phone. This concludes the Snapchat News of the day.

Songs of the Day

London Bridge – Fergie

Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ

Siren Song – Bat for Lashes

Podcasting 101

I started my podcast (kind of). I know, I KNOW… Rachelle and I have been talking for literal years about starting one. Rachelle’s the one with the mic and the bubble maps and the cute cats. I’m the one who needs to get my shit together.

The idea was (and still is) that we’ll collaborate, and we WILL (I swear, Rachelle)… but I discovered this free app called Anchor and decided to wing it today. I’m still undecided on the app – but it’s a start. If anyone has suggestions for better apps or streaming platforms, let this girl know.



(extremely rough draft, mostly just loose ideas)


Solo Piece
All right guys, so this is – like – a rough draft, of a rough draft, of a podcast, in progress; but I just noted something extremely weird, so I just wanted to share it with – you know, myself, and then probably eventually the world, but for now just me…

Anyway, this morning on my way to work, there was one Lime Bike (alone) and I definitely noted that. I took a picture of it.

I am now walking – uh, what time is it – it is 5:51pm and I am again walking (not to work this time, obviously, that wouldn’t make any sense), but (laughs) I am walking, the same route that I walked or ran this morning, I guess. There are now three Lime Bikes where before there was only one. So – I’m just wondering why this strangeness is happening. Perhaps it’s not that strange at all; it’s just me…that could also be a factor.

Anyway, eventually I will edit and cobble this into some kind of entertainment for you all listeners… or… something? (laughs)

But – uh – for now I just have this, myself and, you know, three Lime Bikes, so… that’s all I got! That’s a wrap, uh – (laughs) catch you all later. And, at some point I will have a name for my podcast, and I don’t even have that. All I have, as I said before, is: three instead of one, Lime Bikes, on my path, I guess (laughs) All right, see you guys later.


*dial tone*

*dial tone*

RT: My life is so glam, guys. God dammit. Cat! Oh my god. This is so… okay. So I’m currently trying to hang out with my coworker, but I don’t even know how to hang up (mumbling) it’s fine.


In which Rachel encounters another Rachel and then a David, in an Uber

Interviewer (RT): We have the same name.

RV: Which is really cool.

Interviewer: Which is really cool.

RV: We even spell it the same way. The Biblical way.

Interviewer: The Biblical – the right way? (laugh) So, what podcasts do you listen to?

RV: I listen to the Moth. I listen to My Favorite Murder. I listen to… there’s one, it’s called the Monster or something I’ve been listening to – really just anything. I walk a lot, so it’s nice to have something playing.

Interviewer: If you were to have a podcast, what would it be? Or what would its name be, if that’s too difficult a question?

RV: I think the name is even more difficult. I’ve never imagined having a podcast. I want to have a TV show. I’m one of those people.

Interviewer: Okay. Well, what’s your TV show’s premise, then? Pitch it.

RV: I like to refurbish furniture.

Interviewer: So is that the main character, or?

RV: That’d be me.

Interviewer: That’s you. Okay. So the main character…

RV: It’s my side hustle. My friends always tell me… because I go to Goodwill.

Interviewer: Oh my god, or like Value Village? Do you – (laughs) Great. A true Rachel.

RV: I’ve never thought about a podcast.

Interviewer: But a TV show you have thought about. Where are you from originally?

RV: I’m from Olympia.

Interviewer: And what brings you to this Uber ride today? This fateful day?

RV: I was on my way to the gym, and I realized that I locked myself out of my apartment. So I’m currently on my way to my office to get my backup key.

Interviewer: What brings me here today – I am on my way to Sip and Sketch. I’ve never gone before. I’m going to this thing and I’m meeting this girl – and she’s bringing her dog – and we met because I was borrowing my ex’s dog for a walk. I mean, I asked first, to be clear.

Interviewer: And I meet this girl just because her dog was in love with my ex’s dog. We were originally going to do a doggie playdate between the two dogs but my ex decided to not answer the phone so she’s still bringing her dog and then I’m bringing a sketchbook for me and one for her and maybe one for the dog but I don’t know. I don’t know if her dog can draw so… that’s why I’m here, in this car today (laughs)

RV: That’s awesome.

Driver: Who’s Rachel? Who’s the #1?

RV: I think that’s probably me. Because I’m going to my office so I know where I’m going.

Interviewer: God, I fucking hope so. Jesus.

Driver: You’re going to see each other again, next time.

Interviewer: Next time on the-

Driver: Same time, yeah.

Interviewer: Same time, same place. Same Rachel. Two Rachels! We’re both Rachels. Actually, I’m starting a podcast with another Rachelle.

RV: Oh my god.

Interviewer: Imagine…imagine. Hers is spelled differently though, it’s like “-lle.”

RV: I was one of three Rachels in elementary school.

Interviewer: I think I was – let’s see now, I was always Rachel T. There was a Rachel R. And then, that was it, I think.

Driver: I’m going to pick up David, okay?

Interviewer: All right. He better be funny.

RV: How funny is it going to be when he gets in the car and he turns around and looks at the two of us in back and we’re like hello we’re Rachel?

Interviewer: And welcome to our podcast. He has no idea. It’s going to be great. All right. So now we’re on a mission to find David.

In which Rachel encounters Xavier and a Saturday-Sunday Spanish meetup at the counter of Easy Street Records

Interviewer (RT): But yeah. I feel like if I lived next to Husky Deli I would just – like – eat ice cream all the time. Is that what you do?

X: We need people exactly like you. Speaking Spanish. Much fun. Yes. Just have a seat on the counter. Saturdays, Sundays, 10am-noon.

Interviewer: And this is for like, people who want to learn Spanish? Or just whoever happens to be there? The entire Spanish population shows up… yeah, yeah, with their podcasts. I don’t know if you’ve been to the other side of it – do you know it’s like a record shop? It’s connected.

Get some corn, cuz like, you know, it’s crucial. It’s really important. This has been fun. I have you on Instagram – so, we’ll miss you. It won’t be the same. Adios Xavier. Now he’s sprinting – I wouldn’t say it was a sprint but – he jogged.


Wrapping Things Up

It’s 1:42am. Guess who has to be awake at 6:45am for work tomorrow (it’s me). Just wanted to end on my summary of today. (It’s now 2:19am and I’m still editing and writing – fuck)

The 7:19AM 56 bus was cancelled this morning.

Lunchtime was BLT with pesto mayo, Tim’s 1.5oz Salt and Vinegar chips… oh my god, they’re totally still in my backpack… Uncle Seth’s pink sugar cookie, which is totally not still in my backpack. 2 cans of Sprite, only 1 of which I paid for. Thanks Fidel.

I have an interview Saturday morning to be a docent for the Museum of Pop Culture.

I almost couldn’t get into Cat’s (my coworker’s) apartment but when I did I smoked a fat bowl and got to see all the pretty sparkled things she packed for Hawaii and everything was okay.

I went to Sip and Sketch at Sugar Hill today with Lesley and Olive. I drew Scarlet Witch for the first time. Lesley drew some words and tried to draw Olive. We collaborated on a United Airlines piece for the French bulldog and the other animal injuries caused by airlines and agreed to work on it the next time we get together. She told me she was leaving to meet her boyfriend in a hotel and I told her she reminded me of Anastasia Steele.

The table next to us was practicing graffiti, and hosting the event. The table on the other side was getting drunk and not drawing. The table in the far corner was a couple working with paintbrushes. I had a 4-star Yum Gai chicken bowl and some of Lesley’s thing which was this savory noodle thing that was way better than what I’d ordered. And then some alcohol. And a $5 tequila shot on the way out because the Uber was taking too long.

I followed up with Dirk Manning and his one-shot piece Haunted High-Ons.

I followed up with Paul Allor and his Get a Clue comic, based on the Clue board game. Now I need to get a clue how to use my Twitter account. It seems like celebrities are using Twitter more than Instagram, and Facebook is completely dead now. RIP. I’ve finally changed my Twitter handle… no more “ducky in a shoe.” Tragic, I know. We’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

Tomorrow night is a cult movie thing at the Blue Mouse Theatre and I feel like I have to go because Bob F**** (Groucho Marx) and Joe F*** (various characters in Rocky Horror Picture Show) are going and also I love sci-fi spooky things. I just need to figure out how I’ll get to Tacoma and how high I’ll be on the way… Hello Jon?

I want to follow up with this Mexican architect, Mr. X, who told me to sit on the counter on Saturdays and Sundays at Easy Street Records Café, 10am-noon.

Organic Mamma Chia Strawberry Lemonade is not as good as the Raspberry flavor.

Meatballs with Sweet Ray’s BBQ sauce was everything I ever needed and more.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with my life but have never felt better about it.

I should probably sleep.

Sea Siren,

Signing off


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