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Two Days for the Price of One

(you’re welcome)

March 19th, 2018

It’s a warm and sunny morning. I am having a luxurious sick day. Just a sleepy twenty-three-year-old in a Winnie the Pooh onesie. (it looks like this and I got it from Target and they probably still have them if you also would like to fulfill your childhood dreams of wearing your favorite characters)

Image result for winnie the pooh onesie target

I had two boys over in two nights. And realized that I don’t need a boy to be happy. I can figure out my happiness all on my own. Probably.

I also ate a cupcake that was meant for someone’s birthday…. Oops.

  1. I swear, this blog is becoming a job (and I’m okay with that)
  2. I DID find a potential family for the summer. They’re a Spanish family that lives in England and I’m almost certain they’re the perfect family for me and I can’t even believe this is happening but yes yay yes. We’re having a Skype session either today or tomorrow to hash the details out.
  3. I submitted the application and am waiting to hear back on being a reading teacher.
  4. Museum of Pop Culture volunteer interview was A+
  5. I am rebooting Midnight comics.

That’s pretty much it for now. I should probably brush my teeth, take a shower, and pretend to be a full-functioning human being.

I’ve given up on pretending. I just finished reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes. My next read is The Good Luck of Right now.

Image result for good luck of right now

One last night in this empty house. I am about halfway through the novel. My eyes burned and I had to stop. But decent progress was made –Speaking of progress, I was able to complete the cover page for Midnight. Many more pages remain…

Things coming up for this week:

Friday is the Gonzaga trip with Katie.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is dinner with Charlotte and Levi. Potentially Doctor Who trivia but probably not.

I feel like Thursday is something but I can’t remember. I should probably buy a calendar. Let’s play a game called dissecting the innards of Rachel’s purse. One of my favorites…

  • Menu from the Husky deli
  • Small paper placard that says “Keep Listening.”
  • Business card of Dirk Manning, writer.
  • Business card of Silas Lindenstein, agent.
  • One thick black hair scrunchie (to be worn immediately)
  • Brown paper sack that says “Vintage Sci-fi flip book (2-in-1)?
  • Dark Horse Comics red lanyard with Thursday Comic Con ticket attached
  • Dark Horse Comics red lanyard with Sunday Comic Con ticket attached
  • a small golden wallet from Starbucks, paint peeling, a whistle attached
  • an unattached Friday Comic Con ticket
  • Business card of Abdella Photo-Art Cosplay Photography
  • Business card of Chrissabug, character illustrator.
  • Business card of Mostafa Moussa, professional inker and artist.
  • Orca card for riding the bus
  • One lighter that says ADMIT ONE
  • Little Mermaid pocket mirror
  • Generic white-and-blue colored contact case
  • NYX liquid suede amethyst cream lipstick
  • Seraphine guava lip butter
  • MAC matte blue lipstick
  • Alice in Wonderland matching wallet that came with the purse
  • 2 ginger mints from Florida – they say “Trust me.” I don’t.
  • Starbucks wallet that says “coffee” and holds a two-tailed mermaid with a coffee cup

Now, it is merely a matter of sorting and determining what goes back in and what stays out. Astounding that such a myriad of objects could all exist simultaneously in one space.

I want a filing system for business cards. I head to my bedroom for a solution to this problem. I found a perfect place for them – my small red magnetic box. “Keep Calm and Carry On,” it says in smart white capital letters, stamped with that regal British crown.

Image result for keep calm and carry on

The beauty products I delicately restore to my purse. I receive yet another Rapid recommended trailer on my phone. The contact case – to the bathroom. The ginger mints – in the little red box. The little gold wallet – back in the purse. Alice – back in the purse. Orca card – to main mermaid wallet. The lighter – transition to small black backpack. All three lanyards – back in. A crumpled Museum of Pop Culture sticker – garbage.

My curiosity simply cannot control itself. I delicately rip the packaging off of my secret question mark book, my little paper bag from Pegasus Book Exchange. It reads “vintage sci-fi flip book, (2-in-1), in thick splotchy red lettering, as if the writer scrawled it in great haste.

My treasure: the Communipaths, by Suzette Haden Elgin – which was the true path – loyalty to self or service to the stars? Other side is The Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy, by Louis Trimble – the problem of the invincible weapon and its invisible hijackers. Both are from 1970.

But my fingers are heavy and my eyes tired from reading, lots of reading. I have set a personal goal for myself to read 100 books this year, this 2018. I am keeping record in a journal and writing down favorite quotes for myself.

#1 was 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson.

#2 is The Good Luck of Right Now, by Matthew Quick.

#3 and #4 might be the Communipaths and the Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy.

Image result for the communipaths

March 20th, 2018

I retreat to the solace of a book. This one, specifically.

Image result for amy poehler yes please

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